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March 12, 2010

Big Mountain Veggie Burgers

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These things are awesome! They are more flavourful and softer than Yves Veggie Patties, which I find bland and sometimes plastic-y.

Veggie Burger
Here are the facts from their website (which has a lady in a tanktop holding up their navigation menu, kind of weird gimmick but nonetheless):
– no meat, fish, egg, or dairy (completely vegan)
– no tofu or soy
– made of vegetables, beans and spices
– no cholesterol, no MSG
– no nitrates or artificial preservatives
– 3 month shelf life in the fridge (probably if closed)

So these can be used as veggie burgers, or broken up and put on a salad, in a wrap, etc. They might not be as sturdy for flipping in the frying pan or on the barbeque as Yves or other burgers because they are all vegetable and bean based, no soy. But I actually prefer a burger with no soy as we vegans & vegetarians often use a lot of tofu / soy products. I think you can get them from Safeway – if you know other places to get them, please comment below!

Their website for more info (and in case anyone wants to offer them a redesign haha) is:


February 24, 2010

Avoid: Yves Veggie Round & Patties

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Hi 🙂

I used to love having Yves Veggie Ground Round and Patties but recently I have noticed the packaging says "May contain eggs."

Some products like bread say "may contain trace amounts of egg," which seems to be an allergy alert – but this says simply "eggs," not "trace amounts of egg," so I am more suspicious. I am going to try to get in touch with Yves because unfortunately I think a lot of strict vegetarians continue to consume their product without knowing about this change.

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