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February 25, 2010

Avoid: Dove Soap

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Sigh. I am quite disappointed in Dove, after the years I spent revering their Real Beauty project. I called Dove in early February 2010 to ask about their “Cool Moisture Beauty Bar” (picture attached below). I was curious about the glycerine source, and was told that since the glycerine “all goes into a big melting pot”, there is no way to determine whether it is animal or plant derived. They said it depends on “what is available in the market at that time” – animal or plant derived glycerin. So there’s no way of knowing for sure. Isn’t that annoying?

I tried doing some more research and found two other websites:

I just e-mailed them today and will post again with their response. This is the same response Crest gave me 1-2 years ago. Unilever is also notorious for animal testing, but almost every famous company conducts animal testing. They twist their words around to make it seem as though they don’t (e.g. the particular product you are buying the store is not testing on animals) – obviously the exact bottle of shampoo being used was not tested on animals, it’s a packaged bottle. All of these big conglomerates conduct animal testing, which is why I wonder whether home-made soaps or hand-made soaps (e.g. “Lush”) are safer.


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