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March 22, 2010

LIDO Skincare

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Thanks to @Jentekk on Twitter for making us aware of this new Canadian-owned skincare products company which carries eco-friendly products.

From their website:

skincare Canada
“At LIDO Skin Care, we are proud of every ingredient that goes into our product and we run our business in ways that have the least impact on the planet.

Our Ingredients

100% Natural
Fully biodegradable
Plant based
Vegan friendly
Proudly Made in Canada!
*We source local, organic, fair-trade, sustainably – farmed (biodynamic) ingredients as much as possible.”


March 15, 2010

L’oreal Face Cleaner

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I’m not a fan of using face washes because I feel they damage the skin more than help it. Nevertheless, my aunt from India is really keen on the newest products in Canada and asks us to send her whatever new has come out. I decided to call l’oreal to see what they put in their face washes (they came out with a new one – go 360 clean), and they said that all of their products are completely free of animal products. I did not ask about animal by-products (e.g. milk) but I remember her sounding extremely confident about them not using animal products. This is impressive for a company as large as l’oreal.

Again, these products have many other chemicals in them. But I am sure some use them, so thought it’d be helpful to post that they are allegedly free of animal residue.

St. Ives Body Wash – Safe!

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Yay! St. Ives Body Wash is also free of animal products, according to the label on its bottles. I really appreciate when companies save us the work by labelling their products. Canadians – you can purchase it at Shoppers Drug Mart.

March 12, 2010

Big Mountain Veggie Burgers

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These things are awesome! They are more flavourful and softer than Yves Veggie Patties, which I find bland and sometimes plastic-y.

Veggie Burger
Here are the facts from their website (which has a lady in a tanktop holding up their navigation menu, kind of weird gimmick but nonetheless):
– no meat, fish, egg, or dairy (completely vegan)
– no tofu or soy
– made of vegetables, beans and spices
– no cholesterol, no MSG
– no nitrates or artificial preservatives
– 3 month shelf life in the fridge (probably if closed)

So these can be used as veggie burgers, or broken up and put on a salad, in a wrap, etc. They might not be as sturdy for flipping in the frying pan or on the barbeque as Yves or other burgers because they are all vegetable and bean based, no soy. But I actually prefer a burger with no soy as we vegans & vegetarians often use a lot of tofu / soy products. I think you can get them from Safeway – if you know other places to get them, please comment below!

Their website for more info (and in case anyone wants to offer them a redesign haha) is:

March 11, 2010

Vegan Bake Sale Benefit for Chile

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Check this out y’all! Happening in Vancouver this Friday (text copied from Facebook event):

Vegan Bake Sale

Once again Vancouverites are teaming up with Radha Yoga and Eatery for a night of vegan baked goods and musical entertainment by Reid Jamieson, with all proceeds going to Chilean relief efforts.

It’s all held during Radha’s dinner service from 6:30-10 p.m. Come for dinner, or just for the event, and to bring home tons of yummy baked goods.

We are very pleased to announce that Vancouver’s fabulous Reid Jamieson has volunteered to play for us as well! From his site:

Reid Jamieson is a classic Canadian heartbreaker with an incredible voice and a magical way with melodies. Born and raised in Toronto, Reid recently moved west to beautiful Vancouver BC to write and record a new album while performing regularly with CBC’s Vinyl Cafe.

Please bring your own reusable containers to tote your goodies home. And bring your friends along as well!

If anyone is interested in baking for the event, you are very welcome to lend a hand! All baked goods are to be free from animal products (including dairy, eggs, and honey). If you haven’t baked vegan before and have questions or need some awesome recipes, please get in touch with us and we’d be happy to help you out.

A Google document has been created for bakers contributing to the event – come on over and let us know what you’ll be bringing!

If you’ve been invited and won’t be in town or don’t live in Vancouver, please pass the word along to friends who might like to know.

We will also be selling raffle tickets to win great prizes, such as a $50 gift certificate to Karmavore: and a huge gift basket of Sequel Naturals products, makes of Vega.

Let’s make this event an even greater success than the last one!
We’ve been able to secure a corporate matching partner so every dollar we raise will be matched in kind- so, your loonie just became a toonie!

March 2, 2010

St. Ives Lotion

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I don’t know about all St. Ives lotions, but they came out with a new brand of hand & body lotion. It’s not just the “Mineral Therapy” lotion but a few other ones as well (e.g. Soothing Oatmeal Shea, Soothing Aloe & Chamomile, etc.) that are reportedly free of animal ingredients. I didn’t call them but the lotions say directly on them that no animal derived ingredients are used.

Note: these creams are still full of other chemicals. It is great, though, that St. Ives has clearly labelled them as vegetarian, so we know. Canadians, you can pick this up from Shoppers Drug Mart.

February 25, 2010

What to Avoid

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Check this out!

Here is a full list of ingredients of what to avoid if you don’t want to have animal-sourced ingredients in your food or drinks.

You can check for these in the ingredients when you buy food. But don’t just stop there – if you find something you don’t like, contact the company and tell them to change it! Then email 10 friends and ask them to also email that company. Then come here on VegConsumer and leave a comment and we’ll post about it.

Tim’s Jalapeno Cascade Style Chips

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This author (there are multiple authors to this blog) lives in Vancouver and it’s become difficult to find good Jalapeno flavoured chips here – some brands came and then disappeared. The current brands chip bags are so small!

Tim’s Cascade Style Chips are probably not the healthiest snack but they are one of the best Jalapeno chips in my books. They remind me of the old Thunder Crunch brand. I found “natural flavours” on the ingredients list and warning bells went off.

Whenever you see “natural flavours” on any ingredients list, you have to be cautious. Natural doesn’t really mean plant-sourced. It could also be animal-sourced. It only means, non-manufactured. Therefore, it is always good to call the company and ask whether those natural flavours are plant-sourced or animal-sourced. Thankfully, when I called Tim’s a few months ago, they said the natural flavour in their Jalapeno chips is just some seasoning / flavouring derived from plants, spices, etc. and nothing animal-sourced.

But this is the only flavour I know about for sure – if you know more please feel free to comment. Another good thing about Tim’s is their company also commits to environmental responsibility and tries to prevent/reduce waste. Check out their website for where to get these chips and other info.

If you have other “vegetarian safe” or “vegan safe” potato chip suggestions, feel free to comment below 🙂

Avoid: Dove Soap

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Sigh. I am quite disappointed in Dove, after the years I spent revering their Real Beauty project. I called Dove in early February 2010 to ask about their “Cool Moisture Beauty Bar” (picture attached below). I was curious about the glycerine source, and was told that since the glycerine “all goes into a big melting pot”, there is no way to determine whether it is animal or plant derived. They said it depends on “what is available in the market at that time” – animal or plant derived glycerin. So there’s no way of knowing for sure. Isn’t that annoying?

I tried doing some more research and found two other websites:

I just e-mailed them today and will post again with their response. This is the same response Crest gave me 1-2 years ago. Unilever is also notorious for animal testing, but almost every famous company conducts animal testing. They twist their words around to make it seem as though they don’t (e.g. the particular product you are buying the store is not testing on animals) – obviously the exact bottle of shampoo being used was not tested on animals, it’s a packaged bottle. All of these big conglomerates conduct animal testing, which is why I wonder whether home-made soaps or hand-made soaps (e.g. “Lush”) are safer.

Happy Veggie World

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This place is in the warehouse units on the corner of #6 Road and Cambie in Richmond, BC. I believe they are Buddhists and they supply many of the vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the Lower Mainland.

They have a huge selection of soy products, and vegetarian versions (made from soy and other ingredients) of meat, seafood, etc.

Most of their products are vegan, but some contain egg and/or dairy so be sure to check the ingredients and to ask questions if you need help. Besides the awesome name 😀 the products are great, the staff are very nice and personable and the prices are reasonable. I have been going there for a few years.

Here is a Google Map of the location:

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